Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 People That I Can’t Imagine the TV Without

Watching TV is how most of us Kenyans wind up our day. From watching evening news to keeping up with soap operas and local programs such as The Real Househelps of Kawangware, Inspekta Mwala, Churchill Show, etc., most people and families simply can't imagine life without a TV.

Size, make, and model of the TV hardly matter; so long as you get a chance to stay up to date. When that means paying the neighbor a brief visit or sipping a cup of tea at the local cafe, most of us will not hesitate.

I used to be a movies person but I'm increasingly interested in local and international TV channels. This family thing :). As one would expect, I am also building a list of my favorite TV personalities and actors. These include:

Kevin O’Leary

Photo courtesy: Flickr/RandstadCanada
All the business executives in Shark Tank do one thing; invest in businesses and projects pitched to them (if they become interested in them of course), but Kevin O’Leary does more than that.

He adds an extra dimension to the program, playing the role of the “villain”. He is like the Shark Tanks’ version of Ian Mbugua in Tusker Project Fame show and Roberts has a way of making O’Leary appear even worse.

Nevertheless, he makes the show even more interesting.


It is just the other day that Njugush announced his exit from the Real Househelps of Kawangware (#TRHK). This was hard to believe given the central role that Njugush played in the show.

Despite the name of the program, which would make you think that it has got much to do with the househelps and which it indeed does, Njugush seems to be inextricably linked to the twists of events.

I wait to see how the show turns out without hearing Awiti call Njuguna in her Luo accent, “Njuguuna”.

Larry Madowo

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia/Isaiah Maghanga/i6 Photography
If there is someone who does what he was just born to do, then it has to be Larry Madowo in my opinion. I am not referring to his TV roles as news anchor, the writer, or the Radio host, but as the host for The Trend show.

Larry Madowo has a way of making this show come alive.

With his apparent travelling hobby, numerous colleagues have stepped in to fill his role and the only person that comes close to what Larry does is perhaps Kobi Kihara.

Jeff Koinange

Larry Madowo with The Trend Late aside, Jeff Koinange is the only guy that has succeeded in disrupting my sleep routine, thanks to his Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) Show.

Airing live every Wednesday and Thursday, this is one unique show that still commands great viewership despite the late hours.

I sometime struggle to wait for it, but it has sincerely kept me awake till 11 pm – to my significant other’s unspoken displeasure – more than just once.


Coming from a humble beginning, Churchill Churchill a.k.a Daniel Ndambuki has defied all odds to become the undoubted Kenyan king of comedy.

From acting as Mwalimu King'ang'i in Maina's morning show on Classic FM to hosting the Churchill Show, this man is a living legend in my opinion.

The Churchill Show commands great viewership and I can't ever imagine missing it on Sundays unless of course I am not at home. Where else do you get to get a combination-dose for laughter and inspiration from high profile achievers?


Shiro, the main character in the Auntie Boss show has also recently caught my attention.

When the program began, I found it rather flat but over time I have come to like it, perhaps initially drawn to it by the lack of a better alternative - on TV after 8pm Tuesday evening – to fit the needs of my whole family.

The more I watch the show, the more I like Shiro’s twists to scenes and I have recently been looking forward to watching it every Tuesday.


  1. The Real Househelps of Kawangware show is back on air and Njuguna is indeed missing. Nkt!

    1. Yeah, Njugush is indeed out of #TRHK. One could suspect right away that Michireti will be filling in Njugush's role as the "womanizer".