Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Game Recognizes “James Bond Wafula”, Bungoma’s Man Who Shocked the World for Hanging on a Helicopter

bungoma man hanging on a helicopter
Just when we thought that we would not be hearing any more news of the “Bungoma man who hanged on a helicopter”, an unlikely Kenyan-grown game called Bungoma Hangman has rekindled the embers.

Developed by Mesmerize Games and available for download in Google Play Store (Android users), this simple game requires you to accumulate points by hanging on the chopper for as long as you can.

 There are “UP” and “DOWN” button with which to navigate the chopper up and down and avoid being hit by oncoming birds. The game ends as soon as any of them gets you.

To add a Luhya twist to the game – it seems like we have become accustomed to this Kenyan tribes stereotypes popularized by comedians – the games features flying objects such as ugali, sukuma wiki, and chicken, all of which can help you regain your strength as you continue hanging on the chopper. If your strength gets depleted, the game also ends.

Before the game loads, a disclaimer is given that the characters and the events featured in the game are fictional and not related to any real life events – the best guess here being the Wanjala’s helicopter hanging episode at Bungoma – but there is so much similarity to actually miss the guess.

bungoma hangman game disclaimer

Although not so interesting to keep you hooked for long, the game has so far been receiving great support from Kenyans, if not for honoring our very own Bungoma man, then for being developed right here in Kenya, something we are not used to. The game has so far been downloaded over 10,000 times.

The 28 year old man by the name Saleh Wanjala made history on May 13, 2016 when he became the first Kenyan ever to hitch a ride on a chopper – hanging on the landing skids – at a ceremony prepared to pay homage to Jacob Juma.

The man forced the pilot to make an emergency landing at Bungoma airstrip.

This incident set the social media ablaze with Kenyans on twitter (#KOT) nicknaming Wanjala “James Bond”. Some went ahead to create poster ads for the upcoming movie featuring our very own “James Bond Wanjala”.

bungoma man hangs on a helicopter, his story made into a movie
Bungoma man hangs on a helicopter, his story is made into a "movie"

Wanjala sustained injury on his forehead and legs came face to face with the hand of the law after being discharged from the hospital. He was arraigned in court and charged with endangering his own life and that of the helicopter’s pilot which he as expected denied. He was released on a 300,000 shillings bond.


  1. Even if you find a kenyan by the pot of honey with the lips and all the fingers covered in it, they wil still deny. We have learnt a good lesson from the politicians

  2. Kenya is apparently growing very fast technologically speaking. This is a good thing to see. Although I am not into games myself, I just had to download Bungoma Hangman. Bravo to Mesmerise games for bringing us this.

  3. I have also downloaded the Bungoma hangman game and it is beautiful I like it, more so because it was developed my fellow Kenyans.

    1. Where did you download this Bungoma Hangman game. The links i am getting from google are not the correct ones I think.

    2. Hi Tracy, you can download the Bungoma Hangman game from this link. Enjoy playing it.