Monday, June 20, 2016

Rather Than Beat the Waves Flow Along With Them

It is normal for us human beings to want to protect and cushion ourselves from enemies that invade our space.

From competitors wanting to snatch our love mates away to life risks that may bring us crippling down, nobody wants to leave their life to chance whenever they can. We fight back. We place protective mechanisms. We change faces. The list goes on and on.

I was talking to my friend – a Kenyan food blogger – the other day when she expressed her concern about people forwarding her recipes around. She was wondering if there was a way to stop people from forwarding her pdf documents once they read her recipes.

This is what I told her, "Rather than beat the wave, flow along with them". Why did I say this?

Well email forwarding is anything but a new feature. Whether a blessing or a curse will depend on where you place yourself in the equation. When your CV for example gets forwarded around to potential employers, that is a plus, but when your literary work gets passed along all over the internet without proper acknowledgement, email forwarding then ceases to be a blessing.

This is not an emerging challenge to digital entrepreneurs and bloggers and numerous solutions have been developed to cater for it. For example, if you sell digital products e.g. software, you can use expiring links so that your product is only available for a given period of time.

For bloggers however, having the downloadable product passed around can be a blessing if you just throw in the benefit of word-of-mouth into the equation. This is especially true for free downloads.

For the case of my friend, she may consider adding links back to her food blog at the bottom of her recipes so that when a reader passes it along to a friend, her websites URL goes along with it. She may even add a “Call-to-action” at the bottom asking the reader to visit her blog for more recipes.

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